The XIIIth European Personal Construct Association Conference


A new spirit in PCP: linking people, ideas & dreams



Galzignano Terme, Padua, Italy | July 7 - 10, 2016




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About the Congress

The congress on Galzignano Terme, Padova (Italy), is the 13th biennial European conference organised to explore developments in Personal Construct Theory in all the fields in which this theory is applied - including practice, research and theoretical challenges.

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A new spirit in PCP: linking people, ideas & dreams

The last 10 years have seen a wealth of PCP activity and innovation across Europe. A new generation has arrived and new connections are being forged, and this is reflected in our conference title: A New Spirit in PCP.

Examples of the new spirit can be found in the range of schools now offering constructivist psychology and psychotherapy training with PCP at their heart. There are programmes in place developing graduate students into a new generation of teachers and researchers, new journals been launched, and new fields of practice are being explored.

Collaborations between institutes across Europe have led to new networks being established and these have in turn led to innovative and exciting international learning opportunities such as Racconti Mediterranei summer schools and Alpine Tales winter workshops. New countries have joined the PCP family, most notably the Czech republic who hosted the last wonderful EPCA conference in Brno. 

Meanwhile, PCP practitioners across Europe have been developing a strong presence in the fields of education and organisations, which have become strong themes at every conference, and we have seen the development of PCP coaching as a specific practice. New media are being embraced linking special interest groups, and innovative online learning programmes are being explored and enjoyed, with video-conferencing as a key tool in enabling international exchange and collaboration.

In our 2016 conference, we hope to fully embrace this new spirit to share ideas, elaborations and practices across countries, institutions and generations. We invite you to Radisson Blu Resort in Galzignano Terme (Italy) where we will be able to live and work together in the hopeful and constructive spirit of our theory and philosophy.



The Radisson Blu Resort is immersed in a large and beautiful private garden (350,000 mq) and it is surrounded by the gently sloping “Euganean Hills Regional Park”, in the territory of Galzignano Terme, which is a 20 minutes drive from the heart of Padova. 

The Park was established in 1989 in order to preserve the particular features of this lovely environment. Fifteen municipalities, in an area of 18,694 hectares, include the highest hills of the Pianura Padana. They are volcanic hills – an ancient archipelago of an ancient sea – that emerge completely isolated in the largest plane of North Italy.

The Park is totally unique for its position, its specific micro-climate, its thermal springs, its landscapes and the delightful mixture between its natural, historical and artistic wealth. Moreover, some of the most beautiful Italian cities of art – such as Padova, Venice, Verona, etc. - are easily reachable.



The Radisson Blu Resort’s Hotel Splendid is a 4-star hotel, part of the Radisson Blu Resort complex, set in a beautiful and large and exclusive park, which will be completely reserved for conference participants.

It provides rooms that are comfortably furnished, free wi-fi, etc. In addition, the Radisson Blu has swimming pools and thermal baths, a SPA, its own golf course, tennis courts, a shopping area, bars and cafeterias.



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